We are an information management and business consulting services company committed to delivering innovative and powerful solutions which bring rapid and measurable business advantages to our customers.

To this end, we draw on the expertise of a dedicated team of IT professionals and combine it with the right technologies and the extensive international business experience of our leadership personnel to craft the perfect solution to meet our clients’ needs.

The right people, the right technology, the right experience and the right management – by combining these 4 vital elements competently, we at IMpulse are perfectly positioned to meet the challenge of catering to a global customer base.

Our Background

For company founder Waseem Yunus, IMpulse (BD) Ltd. is the culmination of a long and successful career in the information management and business consulting arena. Having worked as an IT consultant in a variety of industries in Bangladesh and Europe for several years, Waseem set up his own business consulting and software services company, Winformatix SA, in Switzerland in 1996.

Winformatix soon carved a niche for itself in providing specialised information management and business consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. In 1998, a licensed enterprise solution developed by Winformatix was purchased and deployed globally by one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world. The intellectual property of this product has subsequently been sold to-and is currently being used by- IMS Health Inc. and its subsidiaries.

In 2004, Winformatix started an offshore venture in Dhaka in partnership with a Swiss firm, M&H Informatics AG. The Dhaka unit was an immediate success. Although it was subsequently sold to a multi-national company, it remained under Waseem’s management until June 2009. During this time, it came to be recognised as the premiere IT export company in Bangladesh with clients in Europe, USA and Australia and a team of 50+ qualified professionals.

To his latest venture, IMpulse (BD) Ltd, Waseem brings all his accumulated knowledge of over two decades in the industry, his passion for technology, and his unwavering dedication to quality. Under his leadership, and with our team of highly motivated, skilled professionals, we form a dynamic organization that sets the standard in quality, integrity and professionalism.

Our mission is simple: to enhance the business performance of our customers by providing world-class information management and business consulting solutions.

We started operations in Dhaka in January 2010 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winformatix SA, Switzerland, and are proud to already be developing solutions for both local and international clients.

Our vision is to excel as an innovative, reliable and high-value partner in the global arena of information management and business consulting services.

As we look forward to an exciting future in the global Information Management industry, each of us at IMpulse is inspired by the same basic values: an uncompromising commitment to quality, a dedicated client focus, a passion for innovation and growth and an enthusiastic pride in all that we do.