Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 7, 2017

NTF III Bangladesh Exporters

The NTF III Bangladesh Exporters is an application that provides a directory of software and IT service exporters from Bangladesh under the NTF III program. Users of this application can look for a suitable software development or IT service partner based on their Expertise, Technology domain and Certifications. The user can also directly contact the intended exporter via email within the application.

Below is our statement on the information privacy on using the application. By reading our statement, you will learn that we do not collect any personal information from you and you do not require providing any information to download and use the application. By using the NTF III Bangladesh Exporters application, you agree to be bound by all of the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1. About information collection & application permissions

Our application is a self-contained application that doesn’t require any interactions with any of our servers and services. Our application doesn’t require any of your personal information or data to run and function properly. Hence, we do not collect any of your information from you or from your device. As the application is not interacting with any servers the application cannot send any data out of your device.

Our application may ask you for permission to access your accounts & contacts. However our application doesn’t use any of your accounts or contacts data for its functionality nor do we store them in any media. The application requires your permission and consent for the access to your device contacts to save additional contacts information from the application itself. To be more precise, our application contains contact information of other parties – namely the exporters that you may find useful – and provides a mechanism to automatically store the contact into your device contacts. To facilitate this mechanism our application requires the permission to access your device’s contacts. We do not store any data or information from your device contacts.

The application also provides a functionality to send emails to the contacts stored in the application itself. The application requires your permission and consent to access the accounts information of your device to list the email accounts you intend to use for sending emails. We do not collect any of your account related information.

2. Sharing data from the application

By using one of the application’s features you may share some data to your social media networks, for example: Your Facebook timeline, your LinkedIn home etc. The data you share is solely the contact information of the exporter you choose that is stored within the application and no contact information is taken from your device contacts. You share the contact information by tapping on the share button within the application and with your consent. The application does not run any background services to share anything or any information from within the application or your device.

The information you share on the social sites can be seen publicly based on the settings you may have on the social network site. We can’t prevent or control further use of this information once you share them on your social network. You however can control what data you share through privacy settings on some social media networks. Please refer to those third-party sites’ privacy policies and terms of use to learn more about their privacy practices. 

3. Third-Party web links

Our application contains links to other third-party websites. Though in general these third-party websites do not have any end points from our application’s side to collect any personal or device information, some of the third-party websites may still collect information, including but not limited to: your device information, your IP address, your device’s browser details, your device’s location etc. As they are third-party websites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or their content. Please refer to those third-party websites’ privacy policy documents for more details.

4. Changes to the privacy policy

We may change / update this privacy policy if required with or without prior notice. The updated policy will be published on our site and by continuing to use our application you agree to review this Privacy Policy periodically such that you are aware of any modifications to this statement.

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, please feel free to send us an email to